3d.com offers the ability to register domain names, trademarks and any words.3d.com, for companies and individuals, with the intent to give relevance to your brand. We want to support your business and grow with you.
3d.com aims at steady growth; To keep up to date with our news, we recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter.
The starting price is 10$ per year for generic names. The renewal occurs every 12 months from the date of purchase.
For all the names.3d.com classified as Premium, the price may vary, and it will be negotiated.
There is also the possibility to rent Premium domain, again, with private negotiation.
Yes, you can register 3d.com domain names by assigning them to individuals, corporations or any third parties.
Yes, any name.3d.com is registrable, except for some reserved categories, but obtainable by private negotiation.
No limitation, except those imposed by law, ethics and personal conscience.
The demand is growing despite being a very young project.
Fortunately, we can offer registration in all languages to help professionals who want to be hosted by 3d.com.
Credits can only be used on 3d.com or partner sites, and they are valid as a form of payment for all the products and services offered.
Credits do not expire and are billed at the time of the initial payment.
They are not redeemable in cash but you can still withdraw from any purchase and retain credits back for future transactions.
No expiration is currently planned for the credits because we want to offer a transparent and honest service.
Our team is very fond of your privacy: for this reason, we do not resell any personal data and we do not disclose them to the public unless specifically requested and authorized by the customer.
Submit us your project. We can get in touch with a professional or even a lender to give life to your idea.
Obviously we will handle everything in the utmost confidentiality.