3d.com is a trademark of 3dWorld.com SA

3d.com is a private registrar of third-level domains .3d.com and .3d.net, offering the ability to acquire subdomains to individuals, companies or businesses with annual renewal or customized agreement (in some cases you can register Domain as a trademark to protect the business).
The .3d.com domain is manageable like any other second level domain and it's possible to add functionality on demand, not included in the service offered.
You will not be able to advance any property rights of any kind on the main domains 3d.com or 3d.net (second level).

Our public registation policy gives anyone the ability to register their own name .3d.com, like company.3d.com, business.3d.com etc., provided that no obvious violations of trademark or unfair competition are made, and real and active contact data is provided.
3d.com also offers the personal data protection service, on request, committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information.

The ownership of the domain.3d.com will never be questioned, except in cases where a violation of the applicable terms or laws is detected or reported.
In the event of violation or illegal use, the user will be contacted and, In case of no response within 48 hours, the service will be suspended waiting for explanations.
In the case of publication of something illegal, offensive, provocative or which can be attributed to violence on persons or animals as well as sexual material involving minors, the service will be terminated without notice and the user reported to the authorities.
The registrant must also comply with the anti-abuse policy prohibiting the distribution of malware, phishing, botnet, piracy, copyright infringement, fraudulent, deceptive or counterfeit practices. Failing this compliance causes the immediate suspension of the service.
Updates to current laws may lead to updates to our Terms of Use.

In the case for any reason you decide to cancel the registration, the domain.3d.com-3d.net will be suspended for a period of 45 days. Upon expiration you conscientiously renounce any right on it.
In case of expiration, you will be suspended for 45 days, during which you will be contacted for any renewal.
As an additional service, there is a chance to get expiration notice attempts up to 120 days from the date, with additional 30 days of suspension period.

The declarant agrees that, upon the expiration of the above mentioned terms and in the event of missed payments, the domain.3d.com-3d.net will be available for sale without any prior right from the previous registrant.
You can transfer or resell the registered domain to a new user by paying the one-time renewal fee that, beyond transfer, will extend the official deadline of one year.
If needed we can offer the mediation service at a percentage, cost based on the amount.

The declarant undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and pay close attention to the published material, and also commits to indemnify or defend the company from any damage caused as a result of fraudulent use of the service.
The declarant agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the company will never be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive or other damages, as well as loss or corruption of data or business interruptions caused by third parties.

3d.com & 3d.net Terms and Conditions

3d.com and 3d.net are the trademark of the company 3dWorld.com SA based in Switzerland, referred in the following contract as "3d.com".
The customer will then be referred to as "declarant".
The following mandatory terms and conditions are applicable and binding for all domain name registrars .3d.com and .3d.net as well as users of all services offered.

3d.com is offered as a private registrar exclusively for third-level domains .3d.com and .3d.net (eg printer.3d.com or network.3d.net)
3d.com also offers various services and constantly expanding as well as private developments if requested, upon acceptance of the estimate.


The declarant undertakes to comply with the criteria of this agreement published on 3d.com.
The usage policies on the 3d.com site, which are subject to change from time to time, are part of this agreement and any updates will be promptly communicated to all users of the service and subscribers.
In the event of inconsistencies, you must notify them before you access the service offered by 3d.com.
After the registration, all clauses shall be deemed tacitly accepted and can be canceled only upon written request, as indicated in the withdrawal policy part.


The Advertiser must comply with the anti-abuse policies of 3d.com that prohibit the distribution of malware, botnet, phishing, piracy or trademark or copyright infringement, fraudulent or misleading practices, counterfeiting or otherwise engaging in activities contrary to applicable laws And for which he assumes full responsibility and accepts punishment, including the suspension of the .3d.com and .3d.net domain name and the services offered.
In addition, as a result of fraudulent or misleading use of the service, the declarant agrees to indemnify 3d.com and its affiliated companies, or related to the service offered, for legal fees and expenses incurred.


The declarant agrees that 3d.com can ethically manage all personal information of its users, that will not be sold to companies that are not attributable to 3d.com.
The data will be kept confidential except in the case of a request from inspection and police authorities (only after the submission of official authorization documents), in accordance with the laws in force in the competent jurisdiction (Switzerland).
The registrar undertakes to provide 3d.com and related affiliates, accurate and reliable contact information, promptly correct and up-to-date during the registration period.
If 3d.com finds it impossible to find the customer for a period longer than 30 days from the first attempt, it reserves to suspend the service offered until the renewal expires, with the possibility of free re-activation by providing new contact information.
The accuracy of the data provided to 3d.com and its affiliated companies remains solely the registrant's obligation, name and surname, address and postal code, e-mail address, telephone or fax number if available, name of the authorized person for contact purposes, in case the registrant is an organization, association or company.

The declarant agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, 3d.com and its affiliated companies will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages or damages of any kind (including, without limitations, loss of use, loss of profit, loss or corruption of data, business interruption or direct or indirect costs) suffered or incurred by the registrant as a result of, or otherwise in connection with, any act or omission of any kind of its employees, agents or collaborators.


The declarant acknowledges that 3d.com, reserves the right to deny, cancel, transfer or otherwise make available any .3d.com and .3d.net names which it deems necessary in its discretion to protect integrity and stability of the system in order to comply with all laws, governmental norms, etc .. and to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, by 3d.com or its affiliated companies.


The declarant agrees that the service offered by 3d.com will be suspended without exception after the missed payment, and the expiration of the additional times offered, by waiving any form of refund (except for any purchase or permanent use contracts, in paper form and To be exhibited in original).


In order to facilitate the purchase of 3d.com and 3d.net products, you are offered the possibility of obtaining credits to be spent on any product or service.
The issue of credit on 3d.com is linked to immediate invoicing, therefore the declarant undertakes to provide and verify the accuracy of the data when the purchase is made after which the bill can not be updated or corrected for any reason.
Credit purchased on 3d.com can be used by anyone who has the control of the account to which it is linked and the billing information may differ from the "Whois" data of the name.3d.com or name.3d.net which may have been purchased.


The declarant agrees to accept all subsequent amendments to this contract by 3d.com or its affiliated companies, communicated to the subscribers via the provided contacts.
If the contact information provided is invalid for any reason or the e-mail is received in the spam box, 3d.com updates are to be considered tacitly accepted.
However, it will be an effort of 3d.com to ensure, within the limits of the possibilities, to maintain maximum efficiency in communication.

Return policy

1The declarant may withdraw at any time and without notice from the service purchased on 3d.com and 3d.net, whatever it is but under the following conditions.

2The amount paid for the purchase be it paid with PayPal, credit or debit card or bitcoin, will not be refunded in cash but in credits, eventually expendable on 3d.com

Purchased credits, or credits obtained through redemption from the termination of a service on 3d.com and 3d.net can not be re-converted into cash for internal accounting purposes.
However, a purchasing power equivalent to the sum paid originally paid without a time limit is guaranteed, with the exception of any increase in charges even if
currently not foreseen and for which the final value will be recalculated.

The withdrawal must be communicated promptly and in written form, by mail or by e-mail (only from the address indicated at the registration stage, any other request will be ignored).
In case of withdrawal by mail, the request must contain original autograph signature and copy of a registrant's identity document.

Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, you can withdraw within a maximum of 30 days from the date of your payment.
The withdrawal is denied if the request is received as a result of fraudulent or injurious use of the service in which case the amount is retained as a full or partial compensation as the case may be *.


* Breach that causes or causes directly, indirectly, partially or totally the activity and its credibility as well as the company itself.

In order to preserve 3d.com by avoiding translation or interpretation mistakes, 3dWorld.com SA makes known that it will only make faith in judgment the document written in italian language and the competent jurisdiction will be that of the canton of Switzerland where 3dWorld.com SA resides.

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