The 3d.com project is the result of numerous studies and our passion for excellence services. This is a constantly evolving and expanding initiative, supported by strong commitment and development. The roots of the project date back to the purchase of the 3d.com domain, several years ago, to arrive at the team's birth, and to the online pubblication on May 12, 2017.

3d.com future and projects

As you can see from the presentation, this page is just a hint, being eager to increase the range of 3d.com brand services.
Our main goal is to provide virtually any domain name.3d.com or 3d.net.

In addition, we wish to increase the wideness of 3d.com offerings as soon as possible.

For example, we might offer the ability to upload videos to our customers 3D channel in a short time, as well as an e-mail forwarding service.
We also want to share our earnings with our users by offering 3D affiliations with a systemic and transparent gain.
We will do our best to connect users with an exchange of questions and answers on 3D themes.

Many other projects are in the development path: follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter. We'll keep you informed about the release dates, always in preview for our subscribers.
the project 3d.com