URL shortener

3D Shortener

The 3d.com URL shortener is a free service that allows you to compress very long URLs, even over 100 characters, by reducing the size to a few.

It's an effective way to save space, and gives the link a more pleasing look, but above all it lets you track the number of clicks you've gained, measuring your effectiveness over time. The click tracking report is under development and will soon be available.

The service can of course be used also outside the 3d.com and 3d.net services. It's best for any kind of social sharing.
Shortened URLs from 3D Shortener are easy to write, copy, share and remember, encouraging a wider spread.

How to use 3D shortener

Using 3D shortener is very simple, just paste the URL to be reduced into the form, and click on create. Everything else is handled automatically.

For each URL entered in the form, our 3D shortener associates a unique key, corresponding to the alphanumeric code that appears in the final part of the compressed URL.
The generated URL then redirects to the original address previously loaded.

3D shortener keeps track of the number of clicks that the generated URL gets. This enables users enrolled in the services offered by 3d.com and 3d.net to have a rating of the obtained grading.